Eatalia - Bedford Italian Restaurant


£4.95 Ribollita Toscana

Kale, beans, cabbage and celery, slow cooked in tomato sauce with bread

£5.50 Melanzane

Fried aubergine salsa on garlic bread and Parmesan cheese

£6.95 Pepata di Cozze

Mussels, garlic, white wine, parsley and white pepper

£4.95 Fegatini

Chicken Liver Pate cooked in Port

£5.50 Caprese

Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato and Basil

£5.95 Sardine

Sardines oven baked with spices and breadcrumbs


£15.95 Tagliata di Manzo

10oz grilled slice of sirloin steak, rocket, Parmesan shavings, cherry tomatoes and mushrooms

£15.95 Sautè di Gamberoni

Large king prawns, garlic, parsley, white wine with pasta or salad

£15.95 Branzino

Fillet of sea bass grilled with creamy mushroom sauce

£13.95 Pancia di Maiale

Crispy Pork Belly in a Port Sauce, served with potatoes

£14.95 Pollo ai Porcini

Chicken Breast, Garlic, White Wine and a Creamy Mushroom Sauce, served with potatoes


Gluten Free pasta available on request

£9.95 Sugo di Gallo

Fettuccine pasta, chicken strips, sweet peppers, sun dried tomatoes and a creamy sauce

£8.95 Amatriciana

Penne Pasta, Garlic, Onions, Bacon, White Wine and a Rich Tomato Sauce

£8.95 Carbonara

Spaghetti, Garlic, Onions, Bacon, White Wine in a Creamy Sauce

£8.95 Bolognese

Spaghetti with Home Made Beef Ragu

£12.95 Scoglio

Spaghetti with fresh mixed seafood, garlic, white wine and a touch of cream

£10.95 Lasagna

Classic beef lasagna served with salad


£12.95 Risotti ai Frutti di Mare

Arborio Risotto, Garlic, Parsley, a Touch of Chilli, White Wine, King Prawns, Calamari and Fresh Mussels


£3.90 Caponata

Aubergines with peppers, olives and tomato sauce