Our lunch menu prices

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House Wine (Bianco) 75cl bottle – £13.95 | 250ml – £4.75 | 175ml – £3.75

A dry white wine with a fruity aroma and crisp, refreshing taste

Chenin Blanc (france) £21.95 per bottle

Packed up with tropical fruit ,balanced by crisp acid to ensure a fresh and fruity wine (12%)

Chardonnay (Veneto) £15.95 per bottle

Delicately fruity with notes of peach, soft and round on the palate

Sauvignon (Friuli) £17.95

Dry and full bodied palate with a velvety finish

Pinot Grigio (Veneto) 75cl bottle – £16.95 | 250ml – £4.95 | 175ml – £3.95

Rich, fruit aroma of green apples, light bodied, fresh and crisp on the palate

Verdicchio (Marche) £18.95 per bottle

A delicate, fresh and fruity wine with light aromas of ripened apricot

Vermentino (Sardegna) £24.95 per bottle

Aromatic notes of fresh spring flowers and juicy tropical fruits followed by a crisp, fresh and fruity palate

KARAF BIANCO 1.5 Ltr £23.95 per bottle


Sancerre (France) £27.95 per bottle

A very popular sauvignon blanc, layers of fresh lemon, graoefruit and gooseberry with a hint of minerally (13%)

Vermentino (Italy/France) £34.95 per bottle

Aubergine, Sweet Peppers, Olives and Tomato Sauce

Chablis £24.95 per bottle


House Wine (Rosso) 75cl bottle – £13.95 | 250ml – £4.75 | 175ml – £3.75

A well rounded medium bodied soft wine

Montepulciano (D’ Abruzzo) 75cl bottle – £16.95 | 250ml – £4.95 | 175ml – £3.95

Full bodied and fruity with a well balanced flavour

Primitivo (Puglia) £17.95 per bottle

Well balanced and spicy character with a smooth, well rounded finish

Verso Rosso(Italy) £24.95 per bottle

Full bodied and rich with a velvety smooth finish the oak ageing notes hints of chocolate and spices a fine wine

Pinot Noir (New Zeland / France  £22.95 per bottle

Fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Tomatoes

Brunello di Montalcino £44.95 per bottle

Breadcrumb deep fried courgettes

Chateauneuf-du-pape £36.95 per bottle

Full bodied and robust with an austere and pleasantly dry mouth feel cherry and spices ,soft and rich deliciuos wine

Chianti Classico £24.95 per bottle

Robust, full bodied, aromatic, dry flavour, harmonic ruby red colour

Amarone (Piemonte) £39.00 per bottle

Savoury nose with fresh notes, spicy and peppery with a full flavour and subtle grip, an attractive wine(14.5%)

Nero d’ Avola (Sicilia) £17.95 per bottle

A full bodied, ripe and juicy red from the sun-drenched Italian island of Sicily

Appassimento £29.95 per bottle

Amarone cousin wine, the wine follow the appassimento method where grapes are left to dry under the sun to gain extra richness (14.5%)r

Malbec (argentina) £26.95 per bottle

Full bodied ,know for its plump dark fruity flavour and smoky finish an excellent choice

Amarone £39.95 per bottle

Superb full-bodied with complex aromas and layers of intense dried fruits, dark chocolate and sweet spice flavours. An attractive wine

Cabernet Frank (California) £25.95 per bottle

Full bodied , rich and dark with cherry fruit lift, a subtle smoky twist to delight the adventurous

Barolo £34.95 per bottle

Full-bodied gorgeously robust red is matured for three years in large oak casks which gives it a velvety, cherry flavour

KARAF ROSSO £24.95 per bottle


MAGNUM CHATEAUX VENUS 2010 £245.95 per bottle


MAGNUM MONTEPULCIANO £119.95 per bottle

A Full-bodied 3 LITRE of very fine Montepulciano D’Abruzzo


Coca Cola £1.85

Diet Coke £1.85

Lemonade £1.85

Apple Juice £2.25

Orange Juice £2.25

Rocchetta Still Water (750ml) £2.95

Rocchetta Sparkling Water (750ml) £2.95




Nastro Azzurro (33cl) £3.55

Becks (non alcoholic – 33cl) £3.55

Cider £3.55


Rose £15.95 per bottle




Prosecco £18.95 per bottle

Martini Asti £15.95 per bottle



Champagne £29.95 per bottle


Various Spirits £2.95