Our lunch menu prices

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*Lunch from £4.99 includes a complimentary glass of wine

*Complimentary hot drink included with every panini

Funghi all’ aglio £4.95

Mushrooms cooked in garlic and white wine

Bruschetta £3.95

Toasted bread, Fresh tomatoes in garlic and basil.

Fettunta (v) £2.95

Toscany garlic bread

Chips £2.95

Caprese (v) £4.50

Fresh Mozzarella, Basil and Tomatoes

Arancini £4.95

Rice balls , breadcrumb , filled with parmesan cheese and in butter , deep fried

Garlic Bread with Cheese £9.99

Toasted garlic bread with mozzarella cheese

Zucchine £2.95

Breadcrumb deep fried courgettes



Spaghetti Peperoncino (v) £4.99

Spaghetti, garlic, chilli and parsley

Spaghetti Napoli (v) £4.99

Spaghetti, basil and tomato sauce

Penne al Salmone £7.99

Pasta, Salmon, Onions, Prosecco and Cream

Pasta e Fagioli (v) £5.99

Delicious garlic bread with mozzarella

Caponata (v) £5.99

Aubergine, Sweet Peppers, Olives and Tomato Sauce

Risotto Funghi £7.99

Rice, mushrooms, garlic and parsley

N’duja £7.99

Pasta, Spicy Spread Salami, Tropea Onions and Fresh Tomato

Penne al Porto £8.99

Pasta, garlic, mushrooms and port in a creamy sauce

Marinara £7.99

Spaghetti, garlic, anchovies, tomato sauce

Tagliatelle ai Funghi (v) £8.99

Fresh Tagliatelle homemade, mushrooms and cream

Spaghetti Bolognese £7.99

Spaghetti, Mince Meat and Tomato Sauce

Scoglio £9.99

Spaghetti with fresh mix of seafood and a touch of cream

Penne Calabrese £8.99

Calabrese sausages, onions and tomato sauce

Fantasia £8.99

Pasta, Chicken, Sweet Peppers, Onions and a creamy sauce

Homemade Pesto £7.99

Linguine and basil pesto

Penne Amatriciana £8.99

Penne pasta, bacon, tomato sauce

Traditional Ribollita Toscana (v) £5.99

A Tuscan Stew of Cabbage, Kale, Beans, Celery and Carrots

Insalata di Pollo £9.99

Crispy Italian Salad and Chicken cooked with Herbs

Carbonara £8.99

Spaghetti, bacon in a creamy sauce

Puttanesca £9.99

Spaghetti with anchovies , garlic , capers ,olives rich tomato sauce

Spaghetti alle Cozze £8.99

Spaghetti with fresh mussels, garlic, white wine, parsley

Amalfi £7.99

Penne pasta, onions, anchovies, sun blushed tomatoes

Lasagna £9.99

Traditional home made beef lasagna with salad

Arrabbiata £7.99

Penne pasta , garlic , chili & and delisc tomato sauce

Barletta £8.99

Orecchiette, broccoli, fresh sausages, chilli garlic


Special + Free Hot Drink £6.99

Spicy spread salami, garlic, mozzarella red pesto, cured salami

Classico + Free Hot Drink £3.99

Ham and cheese

Paris + Free Hot Drink £4.99

Brie, ham and tomato

Tunna £6.99

Tuna, onions, cheese, tomato

Pesto + Free Hot Drink £5.99

Homemade pesto, garlic, fresh mozzarella

Emiliano + Free Hot Drink £5.99

Mix seafood ,garlic , tomato salsa and mozzarella